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We are open and honest. We are in the business of client satisfaction, so we do not try to win a job at all costs. We will never take on a job knowing there are issues with drawings or details, with the intention of charging the client with a variation after the contract is awarded. If we see an issue, we bring it to the client’s attention up front and help them work through it.

Rivett will always give you the opportunity to view proposed layouts and costs, and change details beforehand to ensure that you get the place and space that is right for your business.

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Our team takes pride in delivering a quality, lasting product that makes an eminent mark on the WA landscape.

Quality is what we’ve built our reputation on. And the reason you can count on the quality of our work is the quality of our people. Rivett fosters an open and collaborative culture, so our people are empowered to take responsibility for the quality and outcome of their work. Our team are more than just skilled and experienced, they genuinely care about getting it right.

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Rivett Construction are committed to the effective management of health and safety issues on all projects, whether on construction sites or in within head office. We confirm that in the past Nine years, Rivett Construction have had no Lost time injuries or reportable incidents.

Rivett Construction have worked with ASSSA Safety Consulting (Gary DeVries) to formulate a compliant and benchmarking Integrated Safety Management system. This has been successfully implemented across all projects. We are currently in the process of updating our system to reflect the changes required under the WA Work Health and Safety Act 2020 that will come into force in January 2022.

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You have a vision for your project. It’s our job to get you there. In the past you may have felt steamrolled by builders who don’t listen. You won’t find that attitude here. We work through your needs and pay attention to your special requirements. In addition to advice on buildability and cost we’ll also look for improvements and alternatives that will help add value.

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We are nimble and can respond quickly to changes in projects as required by our clients, whether that’s starting a project quickly, or a changing program or design. Flexibility and responsiveness is how we’ve built a base of happy clients. Our clients have access to the ultimate decision makers and we are not constrained by layers of red tape, if you want something ‘out of the box’, we make it happen.

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We believe in investing our people, in our community and we take every opportunity to develop the local economy. As WA locals we take great pride in working with the community to make our shared home a better place. Rivett is passionate about upskilling local people and creating a more equitable construction industry in WA.

Head Office

18/127 Herdsman Pde Wembley WA 6014
PO Box 1223 Innaloo WA 6918

Phone: +61 8 9387 2945